Posted on Jan 6, 2020

Year 2020 Refrcc

Link building has been an important process of building successful affiliate marketing-based websites over the years, because this process simply allows sites to be more visible on search results (for targeted queries) by serving as signals to search engines, letting them know more about what your site/page is about and how popular/authoritative its content is.

But the more Google evolve its ways in determining relevant, popular and authority sites that should be ranking well on their search results, the more link building – as a marketing practice – becomes difficult, especially to those who are running smaller/thinner websites – such as affiliate sites.

The competition in obtaining higher search rankings starts on how marketers can acquire strong links to their site's pages. And knowing that this area of search engine optimization is getting tougher, thinking of more ideas and strategies on how you can efficiently build links and promote your affiliate business is necessary to really own and dominate your niche.

So I've asked several experts on their thoughts on how to efficiently build links this year (particularly to affiliate websites), links that will really matter and will have long-term effects in terms of making asite's pages rank on search engines, driving referred traffic that have high conversions and links that disseminate brand awareness.
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